About US

Anea 3D was founded in 2018 for development of 3D body scanners. We’ve been working in the image processing industry and also designing and building quality control equipment.

Our team is made of proficient persons and experts who have managed to create several modern products in our Knowledge Enterprise. We gathered up for more than 7 years ago and did a lot of new and success Knowledge-based projects.
We decided to create a product that helps to improve people health and connect the human body with technology.

Anea3D deploys its 3D body scanning technology into businesses in the wellness, fitness, medical, and apparel industries. Scales aren’t enough for recognizing your body and they don’t tell the whole truth about your fat mass and muscles. So that’s why we started to build this product. We want to present the most accurate, perfect although easiest one to use 3D body scanner that show all body changes over time in a holistic way and help you go on the correct track.

An easy to use product and simple to understanding progress for watching and tracking body shape, measurements and volume changes which help to take care of our bodies correctly. This 3D body scanner is very simple to install, easy to take a scan and also fast. It last less than one minute the scan completed and reports get ready.

Since Anea was founded it has grown continuously and we try to improve our product and make it better by upgrading both software and hardware and adding new and useful features. We work hard, look for optimal and sustainable ways to improve projects. This process will be continued and all the time we make sure that our products working for the best and are the best.