Anea 3D Body Scanner

Visualize any changes in your body

See the differences in your body shape in 3D

See Your Body Composition with high accuracy using Anea

Anea gives you a detailed analysis of your body health and condition

Analyze your Healthiness and find out risk of disease with Anea

 Anea makes a 3D model that can be used in fitness and health, plastic surgery, designing clothes and medical weight loss. Anea is a very accurate scale and easy to use the device for reaching your goals.You can track all your changes over time to see how and where you lost fat or gave muscles. Anea measures and calculates health body indexes and also identify your body shape which is a sign of your lifestyle and can be used to figured out what changes are needed. Also by using Anea and evaluation of 3D model you can see any abnormality in your body posture and try to fix it.

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About US

Anea 3D was founded in 2018 for development of 3D body scanners. We’ve been working in the image processing industry and also designing and building quality control equipment.


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